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Peru Economic Briefings Archive
December 2008 Economy To Grow At Fastest Pace In The Region
November 2008 Outlook For Next Year Deteriorates Further
October 2008 Outlook For Next Year Deteriorates Amid Global Downturn
September 2008 Economy Expands At Fastest Pace Since 1995
August 2008 Central Bank Raises Interest Rates Again
July 2008 Central Bank Unexpectedly Raises Interest Rates
June 2008 Peru Signs FTA’s With Singapore And Canada
May 2008 Inflation To Double Central Bank’s Target
April 2008 Fitch Lifts Credit Rating To Investment Grade
March 2008 Economy Grows At Fastest Pace In 13 Years
February 2008 Strong Investment Supports Economic Growth
January 2008 Economy Grows At Fastest Pace In Twelve Years
December 2007 Inflation To Moderate Next Year
November 2007 Inflation Climbs To Three-Year High
October 2007 Inflation On The Rise Amid Strong Growth
September 2007 Government Raises Forecast Despite Earthquake
August 2007 Inflation Surpasses Target Level
July 2007 Central Bank Tightens Reins Unexpectedly
June 2007 Economy Emerges from Bout of Deflation
May 2007 Economy Slides Into Deflation
April 2007 Outlook Continues To Improve
March 2007 Outlook Improves
February 2007 Central Bank Reduces Inflation Target
January 2007 Economy Growing At Record Pace
December 2006 Governments Plans Tax Reform
November 2006 Economy Continues To Expand Ahead Of Expectations
October 2006 Economy Expands Faster Than Expected
September 2006 Government Raises Forecast Amid Faster Than Expected Growth
August 2006 García Pledges Prudent Fiscal Policy
July 2006 Government Lifts Growth Outlook
June 2006 Garcia Pledges Reliable Economic Policies
May 2006 Left-Wing Candidates Will Face Run-Off Elections
April 2006 Populist Candidate Humala Emerges As Leader In Presidential Elections
March 2006 Outlook Increasingly Optimistic Despite Political Uncertainty
February 2006 Outlook Remains Optimistic Despite Political Uncertainty
January 2006 Economic Growth At Eight Year High
December 2005 Continued Strong Growth Bolsters Outlook
November 2005 Economy Poised For Robust Growth
October 2005 Mining Bolsters Growth Pace
September 2005 Toledo Reshuffles Cabinet
August 2005 Economy Continues To Thrive
July 2005 Strong Manufacturing Buttresses Economic Growth
June 2005 Growth Decelerates But Outlook Remains Solid
May 2005 Exports Drive Economy In Defiance Of Global Slowdown
April 2005 Outlook Remains Robust Amid Strong Mining Investment
March 2005 Inflation Continues Downward Trend
February 2005 Year-End Spurt Provides Firm Backdrop For This Year
January 2005 Another Year Of Solid Growth
December 2004 Camisea Gas Project Spurs Mining
November 2004 Mining Emerges from Slump
October 2004 Fishing Overtakes Mining as Main Driver
September 2004 Dent in Mining Prompts Slowdown but Prospects Solid
August 2004 Strong Mining Sector Buttresses Economic Growth
July 2004 Strong Mining Sector Buttresses Economic Growth
June 2004 Mining Propels Economy
May 2004 Strong Mining Spurs Economic Growth
April 2004 Economy Set for Robust Growth
March 2004 Toledo Reshuffles Cabinet to Stem Eroding Popularity
February 2004 Economy Remains on Track with Politics as Only Shadow
January 2004 Economy will Experience yet Another Year of Solid Growth
December 2003 Robust Growth to Continue Next Year
November 2003 Unchanged Outlook as Economy Develops Along as Expected
October 2003 Economy Adjusts to More Moderate Output Growth
September 2003 Economic Growth Receding from Past Exuberance
August 2003 Toledo Reshuffles Again to Stem Erosion in Popular Support
July 2003 Toledo Reshuffles Cabinet as Popular Support Plummets
June 2003 Social Unrest Despite Buoyant Economy
May 2003 Buoyant Economy amid Rising Domestic Demand
April 2003 Buoyant Economy As Growth “Trickles Down”
March 2003 Economy Remains in Regional Top Spot
February 2003 El Niño Clouds Less Overshadowing Than Expected
January 2003 Another Year with a Buoyant Economy Ahead
December 2002 Economy Shines Bright in Dark Latin America
November 2002 Peru Fastest Growing Economy in Latin America
October 2002 Economy Continues to Expand Despite Lack of Mining Boost
September 2002 Economy Grows at Robust Pace
August 2002 Economy Back in Deflation as Growth Remains Concentrated in Mining
July 2002 Rough times for President Toledo may jeopardise privatisation programme
June 2002 Economic Growth is Broadening Across the Economy
May 2002 Global Rebound May Replace Mining as Growth Engine
April 2002 Mining-led Recovery Slowly Spilling Over to Rest of the Economy
March 2002 Economy Moves Ahead Amid Buoyant Mining and Strong Public Spending
February 2002 El Niño Threatens Mining-Induced Recovery
January 2002 Deflation as Mining-induced Recovery Is Spreading
December 2001 Peruvian Economy Recovers from Recession but Is Close to Deflation
November 2001 Inauguration of Mine Lifts Peruvian Economy from Recession
October 2001 Recessionary Economy Only Moderately Affected by Attacks
September 2001 Deflationary Bout as Economy Continues Mired in Recession
August 2001 Toledo Inaugurated Amid Ailing Economy
July 2001 Economy in Recession -- Toledo the Saviour? 
June 2001 Toledo Wins Presidency and Faces Dwindling Economy
May 2001 Rising Uncertainty Ahead of Elections
April 2001 Toledo Leads, Garcia the Comeback Kid
March 2001 Campaigns Heating Up
February 2001 Lingering Uncertainty Sends Economy in Downspin
January 2001 Political Uncertainty Suffocates Economy
December 2000 Fujimori Flees to Japan
November 2000 Political Crisis Takes Toll on Economy
October 2000 Fujimori Resigns
September 2000 Improving Outlook
August 2000 Fujimori Begins Third Five-Year Term
July 2000 Economic Prospects Rosy
June 2000 Fujimori Triumphs Again
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